Create Your Own Inspiration Board

An inspiration board could be the chance to make all of your dreams come true if you do it right!

My friend has this super cool hippie aunt that lives out on the West Coast in California. Her aunt told us about the amazing story when she came to visit last year. When she was younger, she made an inspiration board made of a collage of magazine clippings and photographs. Each image or phrase said something that she wanted in life like a trip to a place far away or a red convertible. After that, she hung the board in her room. Like ten years later, she said that most of the things she put up on the board actually happened including that car!

This had me and my friend thinking, “Why don’t we create an inspiration board?” If your aunt can get all the things she wants, why can’t we? So that’s what we did.  Although I haven’t gotten everything on the board, already a few of these things seem to have come into my life. I definitely recommend getting your friends together to make your own inspiration board, and here’s how…

Step 1 – Get a Bunch of Old Magazines and Newspapers

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a stack of old magazines still sitting in your closet just taking up space. If so, perfect! If not, I bet one of your friends has a collection to use for the vision board project. Worst case, you can probably buy some magazines at the store to use. Basically, you’ll need a way to cut out photos and words to add to the vision board.

Step 2 – Throw an Inspiration Board Party

Got your magazines and newspapers? Great! My girls and I decided to throw a little get together at my place so we could hang out while creating our boards. We ordered some pizzas and got plenty of snacks to enjoy. Make sure everyone brings a pair of scissors, a poster board, and tape.

Step 3 – Picture Your Hopes and Dreams

After everyone showed up, we all sat together brainstorming what we really wanted in our lives. I loved getting ideas from my friends like fun travel destinations, career goals, or if we wanted a family one day.

Next, we spread all the magazines out on the floor. We each started with one magazine and flipped through to see which photos and words really represented what we want in life. I saw a big mansion so I cut out that one. I also cut out words like “success”, “love”, and “friendship”. By the end, I had a nice pile of goals that really matter to me.

Step 4 – Create a Collage

After you have collected photos and words that represent your dreams, it’s time to create your inspiration board. We all brought either glue sticks, a stapler, or scotch tape to stick all of the photos together on a poster board.

Step 5 – Hang Up Your Board

When you’ve finally created a collage of everything you want in life, it’s time to hang up your inspiration board. Bring your inspiration board home and hang it up somewhere in your room so you can look at it often. If you prefer, you can keep it stored somewhere and look back at it from time to time. Each time you look at the board, you’ll remember all the amazing things you want to achieve in life.

It’s amazing the power of visualization and being clear about your goals. It’s been almost a year since we created our boards, and the results have been incredible. Things I posted like a beach vacation and A+ for good grades have already come true. Only the future will tell if I get my big house or become a famous writer, but with my inspiration board, I know I can keep dreaming big and look forward for amazing things to come.