Show some love to a special someone with these ideas for Valentine’s Day

I love getting creative on Valentine’s Day by coming up with new and fun date night ideas.

It all started a couple years back when my boyfriend surprised me with an evening ice skating. We had such a romantic time gliding across the ice that we decided to come up with even more unique date night activities. If you want to show some love to a special someone, skip the greeting cards and flowers and make the day extra special with these date night ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Spend the evening ice skating

Okay, so I can’t take all the credit for this idea. As I mentioned, a couple Valentine’s Day ago, my boyfriend surprised me with a date to go ice skating. We had such a romantic time, holding hands while gliding across the ice. Look for an outdoor rink to go skating in a winter wonderland!

Go on a sporty date

Well, since my boyfriend came up with such an amazing date night last year, I had to come up with something for this year’s Valentine’s Day date. I thought, why not play off of the ice-skating idea, but instead go watch some hockey? So we went to an ice hockey game, shared snacks, and got into the game. In the end, they didn’t win, but we had such a great time!

Get spooked on a ghost tour

If you find yourself low on dough, ghost tours work for every budget. Some let you name your price. You’ll curl up to your significant other while listening to spooky stories. Plus, the great thing about ghosts is that they seem to hang out in cities all over.

Visit a museum

Did you know that museums throw special Valentine’s Day events? This year, the Hayden Planetarium hosted a night of food and music with a breathtaking view of the stars combined with romance stories from the past. How cute! I’m definitely looking for something like this for next Valentine’s Day. (you can thank me later for the idea)

Catch a concert

A few years ago, my boyfriend and I had an unforgettable time listening to some local folk musicians play on date night. Music brings everyone together so why not spend Valentine’s Day listening to some melodies. You can find music that everyone likes.

Try out a cuisine you never had before

Spice things up on Valentine’s day with something exotic. A new Korean restaurant opened up near where I live, and my boyfriend and I had so much fun trying out new foods. They set up a built-in grill right in front of you to cook chicken and steak. I loved the spicy scallion salad on the side, too! It’s a fun, unique way to spend the lovers’ holiday.

Single? Make it a girls night!

Who said you had to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentine’s Day? The holiday really celebrates love and what better way to do that than spending time with your closest friends? I love to throw a baking party to get a few people over and make homemade chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm… they taste so sugary and make the whole house smell like chocolate!

Whether your single or in a serious relationship, Valentine’s Day means a time to show someone you love just how much you care. Coming up with a creative way to spend time together will make the day extra special!