Dress Boho Chic All Year Long

Creative ways to look bohemian from head to toe all year!

It really seems like boho chic look never goes out of style. The style draws from hippy and retro styles mixed together with gypsy and folk fashion. I love seeing all the girls at Coachella rock their long wavy hair, flowers, crop tops, and flowy dresses. You can get even more inspiration by looking at vintage photos from the Woodstock Music festival back in the 60s. People just can’t get enough of the girly and playful boho chic look!

You don’t have to live in sunny southern California or wait for a summer concert to wear all your favorite boho chic clothes. I’ve come up with creative ways to look bohemian from head to toe look all year long!

A boho floppy hat has you covered in the sun or snow

I love this piece in my wardrobe because I can wear it any time of year, and it brings together any boho chic look. In the winter, a wool-felt wide brim hat keeps me looking extra stylish even in the rain or snow. When the temperatures warm up, my floppy hat shades my face from the sun.


Wrap yourself up in an anytime scarf

I throw on a scarf to add a pop of color to any boho chic outfit. Warm wool materials help to keep the neck warm in the winter. More lightweight scarves with ethnic and floral prints make the perfect accessory for the summertime. I like to get creative with my scarf. You might see me wear mine around my neck, but sometimes I switch it up to make a head wrap or even a belt.

Boots keep you boho from head to toe

Since I’m still in school, I don’t have a lot of extra money to buy shoes for every season. This is why I love my boho boots. The perfect pair of vintage boots works for every season. I wear my brown leather pair in the summer with denim shorts to protect my feet at music festivals. They still go great with fall and winter outfits paired with leggings or pants.

Boho jewelry adds style to any season

Bohemian inspired jewelry will make a statement and really complete any boho chic look. For me, the hippy style is really about loving nature so I prefer natural materials. I wear chunky bracelets made of wood and put on lots and lots of rings made of turquoise or moonstone. It really accents any boho look.

Complete the look with an eye-catching tote

No matter the time of year, any girl needs a cute bag to carry around all the essentials. I create the full bohemian style with a suede or leather bag with colorful embroidery or Aztec prints. Cross body and bucket bags go great with the boho chic look.