The How-To Guide to Better Skin

Skincare starts at day one no matter how young you are. Want to achieve healthy, glowing skin? Who doesn’t?! Throw these habits into your beauty regime to clear up blemishes, brighten up your complexion, and have skin looking flawless.

Wash your face every day

If you want to keep your skin looking clear and healthy, make sure to wash it every day. Remove makeup first with a makeup remover or wipes and follow with a cleanser and lukewarm water. How often you wash can depend on your skin type, but usually washing in the mornings, evenings before bed, and after workouts should keep your skin looking fresh.

Drink lots of water

Water keeps skin hydrated and radiant. Try to drink about eight 8-ounce glasses or 2 liters each day to keep skin glistening and slow down aging.

Exfoliate once a week

During the week, dead skin cells can build up on your skin, making it look dull. Exfoliating gently removes the buildup of dead skin cells plus it prevents breakouts.

Treat skin with a mask each week

After you exfoliate, make a habit of following up with a mask treatment. You can find lots of masks for all skin types with benefits like shrinking pores, evening skin tone, and creating a healthy glow. You can buy a mask or make your own using many common kitchen ingredients like lemon juice, honey, turmeric, and oatmeal.

Avoid too much sun and use sun protection

As much as many of us love a nice suntan, too much sun exposure can age skin faster and be unhealthy. If you do go outside, you can avoid the harmful effects of the sun by covering up and wearing sunscreen.

Keep pillowcases clean

If you breakout easily, the reason could be right under your nose… or actually, your head. Overtime, dirt can collect on your pillowcase and clog pores. Make sure to switch and clean pillowcases about once a week. You’ll notice a difference right away!