Your Story Your Power!

Here Comes Tameka from South Africa! Bring on the confetti!

Why are we looking for cute brothers, and what recommendations should you ask Tameka

Q: Favorite place to be?
A: A good restaurant.

(I’ll DM you for recommendations!)

Q: Top 3 things on my bucket list
A: Traveling the world for food. Falling in love. Driving on any Grand Prix race track.

(Grand Prix sounds amazing! I’m adding it to my list!✍)

Q: What makes a person beautiful?
A: Their character.

Q: Who’s your current crush?
A: No one sadly.

(Who has a cute bother for Tameka??)

Q: My role model? And why?
A: My mother! She’s risen above so much hardship while still making sure her daughter got the best of everything.

(Put your hands up for all our amazing moms! ????????????)

Q: When do you feel happy?
A: When I’m achieving my goals.

Q: Hobbies that I’ll never give up?
A: Yoga

(Namaste ????‍♀️)

Q: What’s a big favor you have done for a friend?
A: Gave them transport and money when they were stranded. I was also their reference for a great job!

Q: What’s your hidden talent?
A: I enjoy making music from time to time

(Care to share????? )

????Miss Kay VIBES CALCULATOR says: QUEEN OF HEARTS is the perfect fit for our lovable Tameka! ⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩

Photo by @shen_scott