Your Story Your Power!

Here is Ieva from Lithuania! She is beautiful, honest and a soldier! (That's fierce!)

Save me a seat, I’m bringing popcorn!

Q: Something I can never live without?
A: Coffee
(You know true love when you see it! ????)
Q: My biggest fear?
A: Routine
(Except the unexcepted!)
Q: What makes me angry?
A: Feeling hungry
(I think we are twins!)
Q: Who’s your current crush?
A: A soldier
(Oh La La tell us more!)
Q: Where do I see myself in 5 years?
A: In a team of scientists
(Ieva’s dream team ????)
Q: What event in your life could make a good movie?
A: My Tinder dates 🙂
(Save me a seat, I’m bringing popcorn!)
Q: Name 3 famous people living or dead you would want at your fantasy dinner party.
A: Napoleon, Marilyn Monroe and Miley Cyrus
(That can be an amazing dinner or a very awkward one.. )
????Miss Kay VIBES CALCULATOR says: Daydreamer is the perfect fit for our fierce Ieva! 

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