Your Story Your Power!

Introducing- Niki from Greece

What is she keeping hidden from us, what’s her favorite place to be and why you should get her a plane ticket for her birthday!  

Q: Three words to describe me?

A: Smiley, food, Capricorn

(The smile comes after the food, right?)


Q: My inspiration?

A: Watching people chase their dreams makes me wanna be the best I can be.

(More fun than Netflix)


Q: Favorite place to be?

A: I could never choose only one! My favorite place is one that makes me feel alive.


Q: Something I can never live without?

A: I could never live without my family and friends (and sweets!)

(Pass the ice cream please!)


Q: My hidden talents?

A: I can’t tell you, they’re hidden!

(Awww, pretty please?)


Q: What makes me angry?

A: When people are selfish and when they don’t show respect.

(Don’t mess with Nikki!)


Q: Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel?

A: Neither! I’m more of a Harry Potter fan!


Q: What’s a big favor you have done for a friend?

A: Staying awake all night to keep them company or bringing them food when they’re sad!

(Can I be your friend too? ????)


Q: What makes a person beautiful?

A: Their smile when they’re happy!


Q: The best advice I got?

A: To always look at both sides of a coin.

(Double vision!)


Q: When do I feel happy?

A: When the people I love surround me, when I’m achieving my goals, when I’m travelling to new places.

(Love is all you need – and a plane ticket!)


Q: Top 3 things on my bucket list?

A: Travel the world, skydive, learn a new language!

(But not all at once, K?)


Q: Favorite emoji?

A: ????



Miss Kay VIBES CALCULATOR says: CUTIE PIE is the perfect fit for our sweet Niki!