How to Make Outfits Work from Day to Night

After graduating from high school, I couldn’t wait for the independence and freedom of college. Still, between juggling classes, studying for exams, and meeting up with friends, things can get pretty busy. Sometimes I just don’t have the time to stop back home to get dressed up to meet with friends. So, I decided to come up with a few hacks to make it easy to switch from daytime chic to nighttime hot with zero effort. I found I could easily turn my daytime looks into the perfect evening outfits with a few of these tricks.

Swipe on a red lip

Natural looking makeup looks great during the daytime, especially at the office or in class. If you don’t have time to stop home and get ready for happy hour or dinner with friends, just make sure to throw some red lipstick in your bag. Red lips are timeless and can brighten up your look when going out in the evening.

Throw on a leather jacket over a pretty, floral print dress

Leather jackets are classic and compliment so many different pieces. During the day, I might go to work or class in a lightweight floral dress. Then when things cool down at night, I’ll add a bit of edge to my outfit with a perfectly tailored black leather jacket.

Switch to a smoky eye

If you don’t have time to stop home before a night out, throw some dark eyeshadow and eyeliner into your bag. You don’t need to redo your daytime makeup to achieve a smokey eye.
At the end of the day, you can take a few minutes in the bathroom to create a smokey eye effect for a stunning party look.

Layering is the key

At work or school, you’ll want to cover up a bit to look professional and appropriate. But those rules go out the window at night. Layer your look during the daytime by covering a cute tank top with a cardigan or cropped jacket. Then show off some skin in the evening to make this look ready for a night out.

Add a piece of statement jewelry

You might want to keep things simple during the daytime, but night is the time to go out and play. What better way to do that than by throwing on a bold piece of jewelry to liven up your daytime look. You can totally transform that little black dress or even a basic tank top by wearing a bold statement necklace.

When it comes down to it, confidence is what really makes you shine. I find that no matter which accessory or shoe I have on, positive vibes and the right attitude make me look and feel good, day or night!