Your Story Your Power!

Today we are bringing you some fierceness! Here is Meshy!

Our Jiu jitsu queen!

Q: Favorite place to be?
A: Gym
(Work it!)
Q: Hobbies that I’ll never give up
A: Jiu jitsu
(That’s one heck of a hobby! )
Q: Three words to describe me?
A: Motivation, power and joy
( Meshy’s unstoppable!)
Q: What makes me angry?
A: People who complain all the time
(You wouldn’t hear a word from me)
Q: Favorite food?
A: Avocado
(Are you sure this is your choice?)
Q: Your current crush?
A: My boyfriend
(Lucky guy!)
Q: Where do I see myself in 5 years?
A: Finishing my design studies
(Can’t wait to see your creations)
Q: What makes a person beautiful?
A: Confidence
Q: What’s a big favor you’ve done for a friend?
A: Picking her up at 3 am…
(Now THAT’S true friendship!)
????Miss Kay VIBES CALCULATOR says: Urban Love is the perfect fit for our lovable Meshy!

Photo by @omer_faragi