Treat Yourself Each Week

Between hours of homework and studying, breaking a sweat at the gym, balancing school with friends, I started to feel stressed. Hey, it’s not easy trying to get everything done. So I decided to make a list of all the things I promised myself that I would do: finally read that book collecting dust on the shelf, getting to that yoga class, you know those things we say we’ll do, but that always take a back seat to everything.

I looked at the list, and thought, why not aim to do one each week. So I put aside time each week to do something just for me, for no reason other than to feel good… and you know what? I did. Even as busy as we feel, we can at least find an hour or two to ourselves for a little pampering.

Week 1 – Take a Long Bubble Bath

Is there anything more relaxing than a nice, long bubble bath? I lit the candles, turned down the lights, and got the bath running. After a big study session, I took a long bubble bath in the evening. That night, I went to bed feeling so much more relaxed.

Week 2 – Read a Book in the Park

For ages, I had planned to start the book The Great Gatsby, but it just continued to sit on my shelf, collecting dust. So on a Saturday in Week 2, I dusted it off and packed a little picnic for myself with cheese and fruits, and headed to the park. Luckily, I got a sunny day and could lay out a blanket underneath a tree for a few of hours of reading. Ok, obviously, I didn’t finish the book in one sitting, but it felt so good to slow down and just enjoy a quiet afternoon outdoors with just me and a good book.

Week 3 – Order Take Out and a Movie

I think any girl can relate to the joys of doing nothing but staying in, wearing your comfy clothes and getting something delicious delivered right to your door. I made sure to have a few of my favorite flicks lined up like Eat, Pray, Love and The Help. Then I ordered my favorite pizza delivery, cozied up on the couch, and completely indulged.

Week 4 – Buy a New Perfume

My mom always told me to choose the perfect perfume for your mood, like a signature scent to express yourself. So for Week 4, I decided to feel fabulous with a new perfume. By this time in my “treat myself challenge” I already felt laid back and relaxed so I went for the sweet and refreshing Funday perfume. Whichever you choose, a fresh fragrance will have you feeling fabulous.

Week 5 – Do a Yoga Session

My friends will tell you, I’ve always promised to do a yoga class, but honestly, I couldn’t get myself around to it. Luckily, you can find lots of guided videos online. So I pushed the furniture out of the way and finally got myself to do an hour long yoga session. Afterwards, I felt so relieved from the week of school and work. Plus I got a good workout.

Week 6 – Pamper with an At-Home Spa Treatment

Spa treatments can get expensive so for this week, I decided to do a DIY at-home spa treatment. I soaked my feet in warm water, gave myself a foot scrub, and finished by painting my toes with my favorite polish. For this one, I invited a friend along so we could spoil ourselves together.